About Us

waiVISTA – A History of Success in Receivables Management

Ray Keenan – owner and operator – boasts 25 years professional experience in the New Zealand Receivables Management Industry.

Among numerous achievements that come with such acumen, 7 years as the managing director of a highly successful nationwide collection agency and a later career expansion into Private Investigation (6 years) has ensured Ray has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience, unsurpassed in the industry today.
Approximately 3 yrs ago Ray made the strategic decision to develop waiVISTA – a debt collection and field agency based in the Wellington region. Rays personable, pro active and solution based approach has ensured waiVISTA, its client base and profile continue to experience rapid regional and nationwide expansion.

why waiVISTA?

  • A proven track record in professional debt recovery and field agent services
  • State of the art systems, second to none in the industry
  • Competitive rates and excellence in service a nd delivery
  • Options to cater to individual, business and external agency requirements
  • Minimal turn-around times for all debt recovery and Field work*
  • Real time up dates
  • Professional, experienced Process Servers
  • Electronic Invoicing and reporting as soon as the instruction is closed **

    *(Please realize we are not the Disputes Tribunal. If you have a disputed debt, we can advise on your best course of action for referral to the Disputes Tribunal)**(You will not be required to follow us up for job costs. They will be in your inbox as soon as we have completed the instruction)

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